About Us

In this advanced century,  the English language is the “Lingua Franca˝ (widespread and universally accepted language) which is proved as +90% of websites in the World is functioning in English. The drawback or fall of that is in Pakistan are, Our wide majority of locals don't read English,  nor understand it and some just searching for their queries in Urdu but end up unsuccessful. So, keeping that in mind and for easiness for those clients, Urdughr.com is here that leads you the ability to understand and enjoy our Content.
Based on our clients searches and queries,  Urdughr.com is the only and official site which gives you the best and detailed information on almost every topic. Urdughr.com is categorized in sections which definitely you will find entertainable, informational, enjoyable as we provide Daily news,  Daily updates,  tech news, Recepies in Urdu,  Quotes in Urdu,  Aqwal-e-zareen in Urdu, and a lot more, and they are also sub-divided in more sections.. 
For Example: Tech is divided in tech news, tech updates,  tech gadgets etc.  Quotes is divided in Motivational quotes,  inspirational quotes, love quotes etc that's why we called it detailed information or detailed answers for your Queries.
Urdughr.com is run by young professionals in which each has it's own expertise. We know the value of your time, which is why we works most importantly to make our contents best example of activeness, innovative, and passionate.  We hope that you like our hardwork and support us by sharing our content on various platforms. Thank-you!