A dab torch can be a great way to enjoy your favorite cannabis concentrates. However, it is essential to follow basic safety practices to ensure your dabbing experience is enjoyable and safe.

The most important safety tip is always to ensure your torch is pointed away from people, flammable materials, and concentrates. This will prevent fires and injuries.

Keep Your Hands Clear

When using a dab torch, always keep your hands clear of the flame and any other material that could burn. Torches are notoriously easy to knock over, and just one simple accident can cause an entire room to fire. You should also avoid touching any part of your equipment once the heat is applied, and you are recommended to use a dabbing tool to load your concentrates instead of directly touching the nail with your hands.

Several types of torches are on the market, from small handheld devices that fit in your pocket to larger models suitable for tabletop use. Most of them use either butane or propane gas. The former is favored for convenience and ease of use, while the latter offers higher heat intensity. Regardless of your type, it is important to purge your torch before using it for the first time, as it may contain oxygen, which could cause an accidental fire.

Keep Flammable Materials Away

Torches produce a lot of heat and should be kept away from anything that can burn. This includes things like paper, cloth, and other debris. If you don’t keep all these flammable materials away, it’s easy for something to catch fire, even if it’s only a spark.

You’ll also want to be mindful of the temperature you’re heating your nail. Too hot, and you could burn off some of the terpenes, affecting flavor and potency.

When shopping for a dab torch, ensure the nozzle and plug fit tightly together. This will prevent butane from leaking out, which could cause a fire. It’s also a good idea to purge your torch before using it for the first time. A new torch might still contain a little oxygen, which can cause the butane to flame less than it should. This can lead to a failed dab or an extinguished flame. Make sure that the trigger is firmly locked before use.

Keep Your Torch Pointed Away From People

Torches are necessary for dabbing and should be kept in a safe place where they will not get knocked over or accidentally touched. They can generate flames as hot as 2000, enough to burn skin or ignite flammable materials around the nail.

A good torch for dabbing should be easy to use and small so it can fit in your pocket or bag for convenient transportation. It should also have a tight fit between the nozzle and plug to avoid butane leaks and have an automatic locking feature that prevents you from accidentally setting your dab nail on fire.

Most people prefer to use butane instead of propane when it comes to dabbing because butane has a lower heat output, which can cause less wear and tear on your concentrate accessories and allow you to reach the desired temperature faster. However, propane is often cheaper and more readily available. Both can be used as fuel for a dab torch, but it is important to note that propane can cause more smoke and is more dangerous than butane.

Keep Your Torch Clean

When choosing a torch, you want to find one with safety features. A good dab torch will have a lock to prevent accidental ignition and adjustable flame controls that allow you to control the size of the flame and its intensity. You also want a sturdy base that will prevent it from tipping over.

It’s important to keep your torch clean, too. A dirty torch can cause clogs that can reduce the flow of butane gas, as well as create a potential fire hazard. You can improve your dabbing experience by regularly cleaning your torch and using a nozzle guard to protect it from heat and debris.

Even with the most dependable dab torch, accidents can happen. Having a fire extinguisher on hand is always a good idea to help extinguish any fires caused by accidental ignition or spilled fuel. Remember, torches stored for a long time may still contain oxygen, so purging them before each use is important.


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