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Fans may have been very disappointed when they saw the home team lose against China, but looking closely, we can still see some positive features of the Vietnamese team under coach Troussier.

The Vietnamese team’s playing style has a positive aspect

Thus, the Vietnamese team had to receive its first defeat under coach Philippe Troussier when losing 0-2 on the field of the Chinese team in the competition that took place on the evening of October 10, 2023.

Our victory over China in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers more than a year ago may cause many fans to feel disappointed with this result. In the context of the Vietnamese team’s ongoing journey of ‘changing skin and flesh’ under the new French captain, it is perfectly acceptable.

In theory, the Chinese team retains a high level of reputation and is seen as the initial challenge for the Vietnamese team before participating in the 2026 World Cup Qualifying campaign in Asia.

According to the FIFA rankings, China is currently ranked 80th worldwide, while the Vietnamese team is 15 places lower at 95th. In addition, the total value of the 23 Chinese players is estimated at 11.3 million euros, more than double the total value of the Vietnamese team that Troussier summoned this time, which is 5.035 million euros.

So the fact that the ‘Golden Star Warriors’ show a confident demeanor and are ready to hold the ball to attack the opponent is a quite positive signal, showing the transformation of the Vietnamese team under the current era. Coach Troussier.

When facing Chinese players, the Vietnamese team holds the ball so much that fans have never seen it before. Despite being inferior to the opponent in terms of physical strength and having a disadvantage when playing away from home, Do Hung Dung and his teammates still confidently demonstrated a softball control style of play that had been diligently cultivated by the French strategist. cover.

That helped the Vietnamese team develop an ‘upper-class’ style of play when playing against China. Our actions include attacking and pushing 11 opposing players back to their halves. The Vietnamese team was able to control the ball by up to 68% at one time.

According to statistics, the Vietnamese team’s possession rate was 65% at the end of the first half, almost double the 35% of the Serbian coach Aleksandar Jankovic’s team. The Vietnamese team scored 604 passes during the entire match, almost twice as many as the Chinese team. The dominance of coach Troussier’s team over the stars of the home team China is evident from that alone.

The failure of Troussier’s teachers and students is not alarming

Perhaps never before have Chinese football fans had to witness their team play so ‘humbly’ against Vietnam – a team that their previous generations of players won 7 times. won and only lost once when the two sides met.

Because of that, after the match, a series of major newspapers in a country of more than a billion people had to voice their dissatisfaction when the Chinese team had to play in the position of the underdog team against Vietnam. There was an opinion that Vietnamese players played football like Barca, while there were comments about being bored when the Chinese team played against Vietnam as if they were playing against Korea and Japan.

For his part, Mr. Jankovic also expressed his dissatisfaction that his students could only hold the ball half as much as Vietnam. Sharing after the match, this person affirmed: “In the first 45 minutes, our team lost control a bit, the Vietnamese team proactively controlled the ball better. This helped the opponent play more and more confidently. This is which we are not satisfied with.”

Anyway, in football, the final result is the most important thing. And the Chinese players can completely hold their heads high after their recent convincing 2-0 victory. At the same time, this result will also be a lesson for coach Troussier and his team in their ambition to find a World Cup ticket.

To realize the dream of reaching the world stage, Vietnamese football will first have to reach a level approaching the top teams on the continent. But that only comes when they learn how to play football with a different mindset.

To become a force in Asia, the Vietnamese team needs to know how to hold the ball and attack, and cannot always passively defend and wait for the opponent’s openings. However, to be able to play football from defense to attack is always a long and arduous journey, requiring perseverance and consensus from all sides.

And I think the fans also need to give Coach Troussier more time to find the right pieces because implementing a new style of play on a team that has been accustomed to playing defense and counter-attack during his 5 years of working. With Mr. Park, it is not simple.



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