Moving for employment for a certain period is getting more and more popular around the world. It is well-known as the term “work abroad/work migration”. According to the United Nations, the estimated number of international migrants worldwide increased in the 19 years between 2000 and 2019, reaching 272 million in 2019. At the same time women make up 48% of the total number of migrants (they are usually taking other family members, including children, 38 million) and the amount of labor migrants is counted as 164 million. It is a huge percentage of the world’s population. Why is it so high? Why do people decide to change their hometown to search for another country? These questions aren’t very difficult to answer. The situation in the countries from the silent and inconspicuous landscape isn’t good for employment. That means that the method of earning money is especially popular among people, who live in rural areas and small states. They are not only decent employment options – and in general, none. Today we are also observing the outflow of a progressive elite with a sufficient level of education and desire to work. Because their hometown isn’t ready to suggest an interesting vacancy, this situation is truly seen in India.

This country is a combination of the incredible contrasts: skyscrapers next to beggars’ huts, and livestock under palaces. In the 21st century, Indians lived according to the principle of an ancient civilian. Due to the lack of pay, they are forced to live “window-to-window”. At the same time, it has more than 10 cities of millionaires, and yet to ⅔ of the population live in villages. But India has greater scientific potential than Europe. That is why, more than 40 million Indians are living abroad. The other countries suggest help with education, improving your skills and finding a well-paid job.

In which country is there a chance to get a job on favorable terms? Profession with which every Indian will be able to get the opportunity to radically change the level of their lifestyle

Many countries with developed economies that accept migrants offer good conditions for vacancies and employment. One of these countries is Qatar. According to the statistics, every year 18 million Indian citizens move to Arabic countries. The basis of the Arabic economy is the production and processing of oil (70% of the government revenue, more than 60% of the domestic product). The production and export of natural gas is becoming more and more important. This industry provides an opportunity to increase the country’s GGP. That allows to guarantee financial stability and a large number of jobs for an entrepreneur. An example of this is Qatar. It suggests a huge variant of academic jobs. This is an amazing chance for Indians with a high education. Because, as an academic you will be a part of a learning culture, you will be able to expand your knowledge in many occupations: from the expert in the oil refining industry to the lecturer at the university. All you have to do is click on Here you can find a lot of attractive vacancies, so we prepared some of them:

  • Lecturer

If you have a sufficient level of knowledge and a confining diploma, you will have the opportunity to support the students with their academic studies.

  • Head of the department

You can provide leadership within the university and manage several teams. You will be developing links with some external organizations. You will have the ability to increase the reputation of the university.

  • Researcher

As an experienced worker you will be involved in two types of research: teaching other people or exploring important scientific texts. You will have to be able to search questions and show strong critical thinking on many controversial issues.

  • Professor

To click on this vacancy and then an information about it, you have the responsibility to know more about strategic development. You will get a huge teaching experience and aspire to improve the students’ experience. However it is important to have a doctoral degree in a relevant field. It is just a small part of the vacancies in the Layboard. To find more of them, you have to follow the link above.

The new work opportunities are waiting for you. The most important information about the employment process in Qatar.

Almost every migrant needs to sign a legal job. But for this, there is something to do and prepare. That means for the official working status in Qatar, you ought to have a work visa. Without it, a foreigner cannot work here. If you don’t have this document, you can be fined and deported. In most cases, the work visa is issued by an employee, or by an intermediary to whom an employee is dreaming about traveling to another country. Firstly, you should find a suitable vacancy on the internet site and then you get a ready-made work visa. However, it is a very long way, associated with a lot of problems. So, we prepared the second, easier variant. This is seeking help from professional lawyers. They will help to collect a package of the necessary documents: the passport, resume, work visa, personal photos, and so on. But you should know some very important details. When crossing the border of the country, Qatar’s immigration officials can check the intentions of the foreigner too closely. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the preparation of documents with all responsibility.


Qatar is developing very fast. Until recently there was a desert here, and now it is a fairly advanced country, which is well-known around the world. A lot of manpower is needed to support such rapid development. That is why there are numerous academic jobs for people. Indians can start their new life, improve their scientific skills, and get qualifications. Moreover, Qatar companies are always to help the employer. Working abroad is a huge opportunity to start your new path in science and get a great income.


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