The play lottery india Than Two Times Two lottery offers cash prizes. You can win from 20 $ to several million. The minimum guaranteed super prize is 100,000 $.

There are a total of 8 categories of winnings in the lottery. All winnings, except for the super prize, are fixed. The amount of winnings depends on how many numbers you guess from the combination.

Lottery Dictionary

  • A spread bet is a bet in which you mark more numbers on the ticket and increase your chances of winning. When you make a spread bet in “It’s Easier Than Two Times Two”, you get three combinations on the ticket at once. The cost of a ticket with an expanded bet increases proportionally to the number of combinations.
  • Multiple draws is an opportunity to play with one combination in several draws in a row. You mark the numbers in the ticket and then choose the number of draws in which it will participate. The maximum is 50 draws. One ticket can win in several draws at once.
  • *The maximum number of draws a single ticket can participate in may change before the distribution draw or before the lottery entry fee changes.
  • Multiplier – a function that can be used to multiply the possible amount of winnings. The maximum is 100 times. The multiplier does not apply to the Super Prize category.
  • Multibid – an option that makes it convenient to buy many tickets at once. In “Multibid” you simultaneously specify the number of draws, tickets and other parameters. But please note that in this case the numbers in the tickets are automatically selected.

How the raffles work

Drawings take place every 15 minutes. Tickets can be purchased up to the start of the draw. Drawings of the lottery “Simpler than twice two” are conducted with the help of a random number generator (RNG (random number generator).

If a draw overlaps with the Russian Lotto, Housing Lottery or Golden Horseshoe, the “Simpler Than Twice Two” lottery draw will not take place.

How to win


Winnings up to $600,000 can be claimed online. This will require registration on the site and full identification.


You can receive your winnings in cash at Stoloto retail outlets. The limits on payments at the points are different. You can see them on the map.

In Stoloto lottery center you can get the winnings up to $600,000 in cash. Winnings from $20,000 are paid by prior agreement by phone 8 900 555-00-55.

To a bank account

The winnings from 600 000 $ are paid non-cash. Registration of winnings takes place at the Stoloto lottery center by appointment.


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