College basketball is a popular and highly competitive basketball league played among universities and colleges in the United States. Bettors can make secure betting online on 1xBet on different competitions of this kind too.

It is governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and features both men’s and women’s divisions. College basketball offers an exciting platform for talented young players to showcase their skills and potentially advance to professional careers in the sport. There is always a chance to make online secure betting on 1xBet on college sports as well.

Intense schedules

The college basketball season typically lasts 5 months. It begins in November and extends into March, culminating in the highly anticipated NCAA Tournament, also known as March Madness. The regular season consists of a series of games where teams compete against one another to accumulate wins and improve their ranking within their respective conferences. It is also possible to bet on football online now – 1xBet also features NCAA basketball competitions too.

The NCAA is divided into different divisions, with Division 1 being the highest level of competition. Division 1 teams are further organized into conferences based on geographical proximity and similar athletic programs. Some of the well-known conferences in college basketball include:

  • the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC);
  • the Big 10 Conference;
  • the Southeastern Conference (SEC);
  • and the Pac-12 Conference, among others.

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The exciting March Madness

The NCAA Tournament, commonly known as March Madness, is the pinnacle of college basketball. It features 68 teams (32 automatic bids from conference champions and 36 at-large bids) competing in a single-elimination tournament. The tournament is divided into regions, with teams seeded based on their regular-season performance and conference tournament success. The tournament progresses through multiple rounds. They include the First Four, Round of 64, Round of 32, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and ultimately the National Championship game. At you can always wager on all those matches too.

March Madness is known for its unpredictability and exciting upsets. Here lower-seeded teams have the opportunity to defeat higher-seeded opponents and create memorable Cinderella stories. The tournament captures the attention of millions of fans, as brackets are filled out, and viewers cheer for their favorite teams and players. They can be wagered at 1xBet as well.

In summary, college basketball in the United States, governed by the NCAA, offers a thrilling platform for young talents to shine and potentially transition to professional careers. This highly competitive sport features both men’s and women’s divisions, with a season that spans five months, culminating in the much-anticipated NCAA Tournament, or March Madness. At 1xBet online, enthusiasts have the opportunity to engage in secure betting not only on college basketball but also on football and various other competitions.


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