Is Sham Idress Really A Father Of A 10 Years Old Girl?

Sham Idrees who is a renowned youtuber having a over 2 million subscriber on his Youtube channel is very famous for his pranks.


About a week later Sham Idrees uploaded a Vlog in which he disclose a shocking relation. Sham Idrees shared that he get married at the age of 19 or 20, it was an emotional decision and it didn’t go in his support and after a few months he parted ways with his wife, but later on he got to know that he is going to be a father and at a very young age he became a father of her daughter.

He more said that now when his daughter Dua Idrees is 10 years old and also wants to be a part of this social media family so he is introducing her with everyone.

Dua Idrees also shared a short video with Sham Idrees on her YouTube channel.

Sham Idrees daughter Dua Idrees has also made an Instagram appearance and has uploaded pictures with his father and his wife Saher aka Froggy.

People are yet speculating that whether its her daughter in real or is this another prank by Sham Idrees? What do you guys think about this? Share your views with us through comments section!
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