150 Best Sad Quotes And Sayings That Make You Cry Or Sad

Sad Quotes Life is never be the same, Happiness continues here. Every person has been through a period of sorrows in thier life atleast once. There is no one who has not suffered in their life. Many times, situations were create when we do not have any, then some people share their grief, pain with another person by taking the help of Sad Quotes. Today we have brought some thoughts of sorrow for you! Which are said by the great people of the world, which you might like too.
We all definitely have such moments in our lives. When we are going through a lot of grief. Whether we are sad on something or maybe someone's heart is broken. Such sorrows associated with home or family that are engaged in our life. When we get sad, then we have to face a lot of trouble. We can't tell this sorrow to anyone. But we can express it by writing it. When we are in misery, then some things come in our mind which would be the voice of our heart which comes out only when we are suffering. If you are also sad to be separated or by being hurt in love. And can't find a way to share your heart's words with anyone. Today we can say for you by sharing these Sad Quotes in English with comes which can lighten your heartache. So let's read some good Sad Thoughts and Sad Status or Sad Quotes in English! By which you will feel very good after reading!

Sad Quotes That Make You Cry

Sad Quotes

And the worst lie is
“Trust me I’m not like others”.

Sad Quotes

Don’t force anyone to stay in
Your life….
If they really want you,
They will stay.

Sad Quotes

The one who keeps giving you
Pain, can never give you peace.

Sad Quotes

Sad Quotes

I act like I don’t care but
Deep inside it hurts . Sad Quotes

Sad Quotes

I like to
Listen to sad
Music when I’m
Sad to make me
Double sad.

Sad Quotes

How could someone who made
Me so happy, make me so sad?.

Sad Quotes

I care too much,
That’s how I am .

Sad Quotes

Don’t depend too
Much on anyone
Everyone changes
When they meet
New people . Sad Quotes

Sad Quotes

I hate those people
Who only talk to you when
They need something.

Sad Quotes

I’m at the stage of life
Where my mind has a lot of
Questions but
I have no one to answer.

I wanna be a robot,
No feelings, no nothing.

Sad Quotes

“I’m fine”,
One day this won’t be a lie.

I may look strong
But I’m tired now.

I’m the person that everyone
Replaces after a while.

Feelings can be controlled,
But tears never lie.

Short Sad Quotes

People think
I’m quiet but I’m
Just observing . Short Sad Quotes

Someone once asked me:
“Why do you love music so much?”
I replied:
Because it’s the only thing that
Stay when everything and everyone
Is gone.

They killed me,
Not by knife, but
By words.

You’ll never find peace
If you are the reason of
Someone’s tears.

This is me
I Trust people easily, Forgive
People easily, I forget the bad
Things, they did easily, I’m an idiot
Please don’t be like me . Short Sad Quotes

Just want to stay
Away from everybody
No calls, No friends, Nothing
Just me , my music
And my music, that’s it.

Have you ever given someone else
A motivational speech while you
were hurting on the inside?
That’s strength!.

“What’s the most painfull thing”
“Missing someone” One said
“Not being able to tell them that
How much you miss them,
“I corrected”.

Short Sad Quotes

Time will tell you everything
You need to know.

I love walking in the rain
No one can see me crying .

Hurt someone with the
Hurt but never make them
Happy with a lie.

It’s sad
When people who gave
You the best memories
Became a memory .

Many will love you
But only few will understand
You .

I don’t like memories
They only remind me of all
The things I’ve lost.

Sad Quotes

I don’t need everybody
In my life
I just need few people
Who truly
Understand me . Sad Quotes

Real depression is when you step
Loving the things you love.

Dear mind, please stop
Thinking so much at night
I need sleep.

You left me like
I was never a reason to

Everything can
Change, specially the
Person you love.

I really want to
Talk to someone about my
Thoughts and feelings
But I can’t.

Sometimes I hate
Myself for
Believing again and again
The same person
Who avoid me . Sad Quotes

Some people are very
Expert in…
Hiding their pain with a
Bright smile.

Everybody can see a
Laughing face
But no body can see a
Broken heart.

Don’t trust
Everything you see
Even salt looks like

Before you get
Attached to anyone,
Be prepared if they

Is like glass,
Once broken, it will never
Be the same

In the end
You only have

Sad Quotes

I tried, you didn’t
I cried, you didn’t
You left, I didn’t.

I Saw you happy
Without me So Left !.

Distance do nothing
Ego kills relationship !.

I still read our chat
When I miss you !.

It's not your fault
I cared to much, it's mine !.

Unexpected Goodbyes hurt us the most.

If they comeback to you ,
Don't forget how they left !.

Don't Ask me Why I changed
Ask yourself what you Did to me .

I don't want to get attached to anyone
it only destroys me in the end !.

Like Butterflies People
only stay for a while !.

Ignoring, the best way of
killing people now a day !.

When Poeple break up
Some move on by replacing the
other one , some still stays in
relationship with thier memories Short Sad Quotes !.

Sometimes you have to leave ,
Not for ego but for self-respect

One Day ,
they'll realize that they lost
a diamond while playing
with worthless Stones !.

My Brain is saying
"Forget that person "
My Heart is saying
"Hold on...Don't let go ".

If you break someone's Heart
and they still talk to you
with the same Excitement and respect
Believe me they really Love You !

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