100 Best Sad Captions For Instagram About Sadness

Sad Captions : There are some moments of sadness in every person's life when he wants others, to listen him then he needs such captions. Which release some sadness from his heat. Just as the happiness keep coming in life, in the same way, sorrows also has some parts in life. But we should always find more happiness through small deeds in our life because if a person who does not have happiness in his life, no matter how rich and healthy he is, his life is useless.
Always do such things which will please the human being. Always do such things in life that you desire to do, the work done against the desire always generates a feeling of anxiety in the human mind, which is not right for the human being. Sadness is something that covers a major and big part in today's life of every second human, and the best way to deal with sadness is by sharing your sorrow to others by words or by sayings of your heart. That's why Urdughr.com presents you these some of the best Sad Captions that you should share with others to release your sorrow in a beautiful manner. Check out our others Sad quotes, Sad status that will probably the best you find on internet !

100 Best Sad Captions For Instagram :-

Sad Captions For Instagram

Don’t get too
Attached because
Everyone always leave
In the end.

Sad Captions For Instagram

One day
I completed forget you and
That day is my last day.

Sad Captions For Instagram

How’s life?
Just opposite to
My expectations.

Sad Captions For Instagram

Sad Captions For Instagram

One day, you’ll know
How much I loved
How much I cared,
How much I waited,
How did I felt . Sad Captions For Instagram

Sad Captions For Instagram

I am in a situation
"Neither I can cry nor I can smile”.

Sad Captions For Instagram

Don’t feel alone,
there is always
someone who silently
cares for you.

Sad Captions For Instagram
Silence is the worst goodbye

Sad Captions For Instagram

I don’t like memories
They only remind me of all
The things I’ve lost . Sad Captions For Instagram

Sad Captions For Instagram

I’m a type of person
Who’ll try make
Everyone else smile, but
when I need a smile
No one is there for me.

Sick for crying,
Tired of trying,
Yes, I’m smiling
But deep inside I’m dying.

Once I’m gone
I’ll never return to
Your life.

Sad Captions For Instagram

Everything can
Change, specially the
Person you love.

When life shuts a
Door… open it again
It’s a door That’s how
They work.

I love music
That makes me feel like I’m
Not alone anymore.

Simple life is a
Happy life.

Do not fear the person you
Are about to become.

Real depression is when you stop
Loving the things you love.

We all feel
Lost sometimes.

Being good is a mistake
Nowadays, people think
You’re fake.

The happiest
People are the
Givers, not the

You will never know
I will never show.

Sometime you just have to stay silent
Because no word can explain
What is going on in your
Mind and heart.

I have nothing
If I don’t have you.

We ignored truths
For temporary happiness.

The fears we don’t face
Become our limits.

Don’t ask me about love
I can’t say the truth and I don’t want to lie.

Don’t forget the lessons learned
From the most difficult times.

Being too nice can
Be a dangerous thing

Tears have no weight
But it carries heavy feelings.

Sad Captions For Instagram

Pain shapes a woman
Into a warrior . Sad Captions For Instagram

Don’t read
Old conversations.

Everyone leaves in the end
Some by choice and some are forced .

Care less,
You’ll be less stressed.

Time will show you,
Who deserve your heart.

A text from the right
Person can change
Your whole mood.

Never let an old flame
Burn you twice.

You will never know me
Because you never
Loved me.

The saddest
People always have,
The most beautiful
Smile . Sad Captions For Instagram

“I’m a thinker
Not a talker”.

When a girl is ignores you
It’s doesn’t mean
She hates you it means
You hurt her.

Sorry for caring,
Sorry for trying,
Sorry for all, but most of all,
I’m sorry for trusting you.

Only god knows what
I feel inside.

Perhaps our eyes need to
Be washed by our tears
Once in a while, so that we
Can see life with a clearer
View again.

Don’t try so hard for
Someone that wouldn’t
Do anything for you.

Sad Captions For Instagram

Memories sneak out
Of my eyes
And roll down
My cheeks.

Did I change
Or did
You just
Stop loving

My name
Not my

I just want
To feel that I’m
Important to someone.

Now that I know
What it means
To be dead
I can start
Living again.

Can not trust
Anyone these days,
Fake is becoming
The new trend.

I hide
My pain
With a

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